What Will the book cover

What we cover

– How to locate commercial properties, both local and long distance. 

– Top twenty sources and methods you can use immediately to find commercial properties, including mismanaged, foreclosure, and off-market properties. 

– We cover methods of solicitation, or “cold-calling,” with different approaches in order to generate leads.  

– Instead of calling and begging for listings, or “please sell because I am a better agent”, calls are made based on an “unsolicited offers-to-sell” and an “off-market properties to buy” approach.

– Before making an offer, how do you evaluate commercial properties? Without a business plan and evaluation, how can you make an offer?

– How does the business plan and evaluation fit into your long term goals? Resale value after Artificial Appreciation and facade improvements in residential and commercial properties.

– How do you implement capital improvements that would potentially inconvenience tenants? How do you differentiate between good deals and non-deals? 

– Evaluate apartment and office buildings, shopping centers and malls based on their gross multiplier and cap rate. Evaluate resale value before and after Artificial Appreciation.

– After purchasing commercial properties with zero money down, building your wealth is important.  What is the “Equity Domino Effect?” Repositioning the commercial properties and unlocking the hidden potential the previous owner did not realize. 

– Sweat and equity and when to use it.  Sell your property with over or underexposure through social media. “Bread-and-butter deals “versus” pride-of-ownership deals.” Multi-tasking and dealing ethically and honestly while maintaining and building a better reputation.

– Flipping and double escrows. If you are not providing a down payment, what are you offering to purchase the commercial properties?

– We show you where to look for those properties and businesses, how to present offers, negotiate the deal and manage it long distance. These are not theories. These are true transactions that happened and real that you can verify and learn from.

– With an FHA loan and little to no-money down, how would you like to receive up to $1.4M to purchase any fourplex in an upscale location?

– Get ready as we dive deep into the heart of real estate transactions, covering one-hundred percent financing, AITD’s, seller financing, subject-to, lease with the option to buy, land contracts, loan acceleration, due-on-sale clause, unqualified properties for financing, residential income financing including FHA and VA loans, negotiating non-assumable loans with banks,

– Explore hidden property potential, mismanaged properties by sellers,

– List of top-ten property management items you must do after purchase,

– Handling real estate attorneys, convincing brokers and agents to meet their client for an offer presentation,

– Judicial and non-judicial foreclosures in various states. 

– Obtaining the proper term sheet from lenders, parallel negotiations, recourse and non-recourse loans and back up lender negotiations.